Class 12 Chemistry All Subject Video, Notes, Exercises

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Adequate preparation for Class 12 Science subjects also gives you an advantage if you want to study engineering or medicine in reputed Indian colleges. The reason for this is that your Class 12 Science syllabus topics are included in the syllabus of competitive exams such as JEE or NEET.

Edusprit Learning has all of the resources you need for your Class 12 exam preparation, as well as JEE and NEET prep e-learning materials.

With our complete textbook solutions for NCERT CBSE Class 12 Science, you can now quickly revise Class 12 topics. Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Hindi are just a few of the subjects covered in our Class 12 textbook solutions.

For additional practise, our textbook solutions include free RD Sharma solutions for Class 12 Mathematics. Study thoroughly by using our model answers, which have been created by subject experts in accordance with your most recent Class 12 Science syllabus and exam guidelines.

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