Learn How To Use Facebook Live to Increase Engagement

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What you’ll discover:

You’ll discover how to get started with Facebook Live.
You’ll learn how to navigate the UI and customize your preferences. You’ll learn how to make your first broadcast and which options to choose when doing so.

When doing a broadcast, you’ll learn which features to use. When broadcasting, you will learn how to interact with the settings.You’ll learn how to schedule your live event quickly and easily.
Before going live, you’ll learn how to use the configuration options.
Before going live, you’ll learn how to correctly organise your thoughts.
You’ll learn how to utilise OBS, which is a free open-source encoding software that’s connected to Facebook.You’ll learn how to use the Facebook-linked Stream Labs Open Broadcasting Free Open Source Encoding Software.

What are the benefits of attending this masterclass?

First and foremost, keep in mind the following:

Facebook is by far the most popular social media platform on the planet.

It is the world’s third-largest website, after Google and YouTube, with billions of people who visit it on a regular basis.

With Facebook Live, you can now use the power of Facebook to deliver free visitors to your website.

These days, getting free traffic is considerably more difficult because Facebook prefers businesses to spend money on ads instead.

You must understand what works and what does not in order to properly drive free traffic from Facebook.

If you were to hire an expert to show you how to do it, you might easily spend hundreds of dollars on this type of training.

Many people, in fact, spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to enroll in coaching programs or attend courses…
However, you will not be required to invest anywhere near that amount today.
There are a number of people that claim to be able to produce endless leads and sales utilizing Facebook without spending a dollar on ads, so it’s natural if you’re wary.

I could go on and on about how fantastic my course is, but the only way to know if it’s right for you is to go through it and see for yourself.

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